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    Early-stage blockchain & crypto VC for the non-clowns

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    Echotraffic invests in early-stage (pre-seed, seed and Series A) crypto and blockchain projects.


    Echotraffic also provides consulting services pertaining to financial services, fintech, crypto and blockchain-related matters. Services include fundraising through HNW/family office/PE/VC contacts, strategic advice, M&A advice and project launch/management. No cold calling, no cold emailing.


    For startups willing to get a grasp on their fundraising efforts on their own (which, by the way, is highly recommended - investors appreciate you to reach out directly), have a look at https://www.web3funding.vc. Reflecting 20+ years in venture experience, it is one of the largest database of Web3 investors, from pre-seed to late stage (1,500+ investors, 40+ countries).

    Echotraffic was founded in 2021 by Cédric Teissier (i.e., myself), a serial founder of Fintech, private equity, lifestyle and R&D ventures, as a natural expansion of my investment activity that I started in 2012 through my personal holding company, Echotraffic Holding (https://www.echotraffic-holding.com).

    Most recently, I was Co-Founder & CEO of Finexkap (2012-2021), one of the leading working capital financing platform in Europe with 20,000 + clients. In December 2022, Echotraffic Holding bought back the IT & IP assets of Finexkap to launch e-workingcap.com (https://www.e-workingcap.com).

    I also hold a significant experience as a private equity and investment professional, and am passionate about fintech, crypto, blockchain, web3, disrupting models, decentralized infrastructure, and anything related to innovation in financial services. I am passionate about travel, hotels, tennis and clowns - but that's another story.

    I'm licensed as an attorney in France and NY State (USA), and can read the legal & regulatory jargon with a breeze.

  • What I'm looking for

    My comfort zone

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    How much?

    Typical check: 5K - 50K€.

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    Geographical focus: USA and Western Europe.

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    Sector focus:

    - Cybersecurity

    - DeFi

    - Tokenization of real-world assets (not your next PFP project, please)

    - Financial inclusion

    - Blockchain infrastructure (L0, L1, L2, roll-ups, ZK)

    - Decentralized social networks

    - Sovereign identity & censorship-resistance

    - UX/UI

    - Custody

    - RegTech

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